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The Bottled Sea, Knave 2e Bestiary 2

More monsters and NPCs for the Bottled Sea!
Monster Source: The Bottled Sea
System: Knave 2e
Arcana Source: Into the Odd

The Four Factions


A masonic lodge of inventors and innovators. Junk artificers, rumored to assemble automatons from salvaged art. Obsessed with creating an artificial island.
Level +1
Number Appearing: d8 (lair: 3d10)
AC 13, HP 4, Move 40’ (swim 20'), Morale 8
  • Club (d6)
  • Speargun (d6)

Ryes-Crux, the Master-Collector

A very ordinary looking middle-aged man in a giant junk-mech power suit. Respectful and curious, but ruthless.
Level +10
AC 18, HP 20, Move 30’ (swim 20'), Morale 9
  • Piledriver (3d6)
  • Arcana: Electromagnet: attract or repel metal objects. Armored opponent can be flung 20' for 2d6 damage.


Amphibious mutants, experts acquisitionists and deep-divers. Capable of retrieving salvage from the seabed. Dream of a greater unity between sea and surface.
Level +1
Number Appearing: d8 (lair: 3d10)
AC 11, HP 4, Move 40’ (swim 40'), Morale 8
  • Trident (d6)

Llull, the Ichthys Thalassocrat

Octopoid features. Has been slowly going mad for decades. All duties have been taken over by her retinue.
Level +8
AC 16, HP 16, Move 40’ (swim 40'), Morale 7
  • Trident (d6)
  • Inkjet. Target must pass a WIS check or is Blinded for d6 rounds Blinded individuals may require a DEX checks to carry out other actions that rely on sight, and their attacks are impaired.
  • Final Form: if brought to 0 hp, turns into a Kraken.


Cult that owns and worships Sheep for their wool and sweet milk. Self-impose a disciplined ascetic lifestyle. Wish to herd their flock out of the Bottled Sea.
Level +1
Number Appearing: d8 (lair: 3d10)
AC 12, HP 6, Move 40’ (swim 20'), Morale 8
  • Crook (d6)
  • Bow & arrow (d6)

Meh-Meh, the Great Shepherd

Boisterous, irritable. Dramatic use of kohl. Consumed by regrets, due to fixation on the Grief Cup.
Level +10
AC 16, HP 20, Move 40’ (swim 20'), Morale 9
  • Multiattack: 2 mace attks
  • Frenzy (recharge 1-in-6): 6 attks
  • Ramshorn mace (2d6)
  • Ram (move in a 40' straight line, knocking all in path prone + d6 damage)
  • Arcana: Grief Cup: Anybody drinking from this cup has upsetting visions showing the consequences of their past actions.


Priests of the rains. In truth, liars who use a secret ‘tempest prognosticator’ (barometer with bell-ringing leeches) to forecast the weather and control the populace.
Level +1
Number Appearing: d8 (lair: 3d10)
AC 12, HP 4, Move 40’ (swim 20'), Morale 8
  • Sickle (d6)
  • Slingstaff (d6)

Nabia, the High-Rainmaker

Thin, hawkish face, dreadlocks. Observant, ambitious, vengeful.
Level +10
AC 12, HP 20, Move 40’ (swim 20'), Morale 9
  • Lighting gun (2d6) hits everyone in a 60' line
  • Arcana: Phase Key: INT times per day, phase through a wall or floor with any objects you are carrying.
  • Spellbook: Mirror image: INT illusory copies of you, under your control, appear.


Banshee Shark

Level +7
Number Appearing: 1
AC 15, HP 30, Move 0’ (swim 60'), Morale 9
  • Bite (2d6)
  • Shriek: if reeled out of water, blood-curdling shriek freezes everyone for 1 round unless they pass a CON check. Roll Weather.
  • Disappear. If not hooked or restrained, can disappear into thin air.

Barnacle Beast

Thick armor & cutting lashes.
Level +5
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: 2d6)
AC 18, HP 12, Move 0’ (swim 20'), Morale 9
  • Lash (2d6)
  • Attach (if the Barnacle Beast attaches to a ship, it begins to sink. It takes as many rounds to sink as it has cargo capacity + d6)


A massive, curly-haired buffalo with a giant sticky tongue.
Level +8
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: d2)
AC 16, HP 35, Move 50’ (swim 20'), Morale 11
  • Multiattack: 2 hooves attacks + tongue slam
  • Tongue slam (d12) If attk succeeds by 5 or more, the target is stuck to the tongue, and will take automatic damage until the Beelzebufo is killed, or releases it to attack another target.
  • Hooves (2d6)

Buzzsaw Megalodon

Rotating buzzsaw teeth.
Level +10
Number Appearing: d2 (lair: d4)
AC 14, HP 30, Move 0’ (swim 60'), Morale 9
  • Buzzsaw bite (2d6), exploding dice. chews through wood and mangles metal

Deep-Sea Terror Drake

Rises to surface to eat.
Level +10
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: d4)
AC 20, HP 40, Move 30’ (swim 80'), Morale 10
  • Multiattack: 2 claws + 1 bite
  • Claw (d8)
  • Bite (4d8)
  • Boiling water spout (90’ cone, damage equal to its own HP)

Edilda the Eel Hag

Rows along in a black iron cauldron. Wants to make deals and cause misery. Very upfront about this. Figures everyone is eventually desperate enough to take her up on it.
Level +8
AC 14, HP 40, Move 20’ (swim 20'), Morale 10
  • Spellbook: Catherine: A woman wearing a blue dress appears for INT hours. She will obey polite, safe requests.
  • Spellbook: Charm: INT humanoids believe they are close friends with you until proven otherwise.
  • Spellbook: Detect magic: Anything magical within line of sight glows and reveals its properties on request. Lasts 1 day or until you make INT requests.
  • Spellbook: Displace: An object appears to be up to INT × 10’ from its actual position.
  • Spellbook: Icy touch: An ice layer spreads across a surface, up to INT × 10’ in radius.
  • Spellbook: Objectify: INT willing creatures become inanimate, immobile objects of your choice for as long as they wish. They can still hear and see.
  • Spellbook: Raise dead: INT unarmed skeletons rise from the ground to serve you.
  • Spellbook: Sleep: INT creatures fall asleep.
  • Spellbook: Spellseize: Cast this as a reaction to another spell of level INT or less being cast to make a temporary copy of it that you can cast within 1 day.
  • Spellbook: Ward: A silver circle 40’ across appears on the ground around you. Until you leave the circle, INT types of things that you name cannot cross it.

Four-Clawed King Crab

Wears a little coral crown. Bone-breaking claw clasp.
Level +5
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: 2d6)
AC 17, HP 15, Move 40’ (swim 40'), Morale 8
  • Multiattack: 4 claw or grab attks
  • Claw (d8)
  • Grab (DEX check or grappled, STR check to escape) 2d6 damage for each
  • round grappled. Each claw can only grapple 1 target at a time.

Ghost Galleon

Speed: Fast.
Crew: 1 Octopus Captain (as Brain Flayer), 3d6 skeleton crew
Power Source: Wind.
Cargo: 8 Salvage.
6 Cannon (3d6 each)

Giant Glowing Crab-Squid

Clawed tentacles & dizzying colors.
Level +5
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: d4)
AC 16, HP 15, Move 20’ (swim 40'), Morale 9
  • Multiattack: 1d6 clawed tentacle attks per round
  • Clawed tentacle (d6). 20' reach. Deals bonus d6 damage if multiple clawed tentacle attacks strike the same target

Giant Oyster

Level +6
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: d12)
AC 19, HP 12, Move 0’ (swim 20'), Morale 7
  • Clamp (2d6)
  • Contents:
    • Shiny black pearl worth 200 coin
    • Another Encounter

Giant Spiny Lobster

Hard shell & powerful claws. If slain, gain 1d6+2 rations.
Level +1
Number Appearing: 2d4 (lair: 3d6)
AC 16, HP 4, Move 30’ (swim 40'), Morale 7
  • Multiattack: 2 claw attks
  • Snipping claw (d8)
  • Crushing claw (d6) target must make a STR check to escape

Giant Two-headed Reptile

Trapped in the Cube. Hungry and cramped.
Level +6
AC 15, HP 25, Move 30’ (swim 20'), Morale 7
  • Multiattack: 2 bites
  • Bite (d8). On an attack roll of 20, target is swallowed whole and takes d6 damage each round until the reptile dies.

Flock of of Gluttonous Gulls

Level +2
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: 2d6)
AC 12, HP 8, Move 20’ (swim 20', fly 80'), Morale 9
  • Peck (d2)
  • Scavenge (consume/destroy 1d4 accessible rations)

Hammerhead Shark

Level +4
Number Appearing: 2d6 (lair: 4d6)
AC 14, HP 15, Move 0’ (swim 60'), Morale 7 (11 if frenzied)
  • Blood frenzy (If a target has taken direct damage, all hammerheads gain a 2nd bite attack and Morale of 11)
  • Bite (2d4)


Half-fish half-horse, probably rideable.
Level +2
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: d8)
AC 12, HP 12, MOV 0’ (swim 80'), Morale 8
  • Hooves (d6)

The Keeper

Mutant wizard. Trapped in a mental prison by a spell-gone-wrong. May speak or cast spells, but
can’t move. Will be freed by winning a game of chess. Promises Salvage to anyone who plays. If ignored, attacks.
Level +11
AC 19, HP 45, Move 0’, Morale 10
  • Multiattack: 2 tk flings or 2 different spells
  • Telekinetic fling (d10)
  • Spellbook: Mental prison: trap target in their own mind until they pass an INT check on their turn
  • Spellbook: Mirror image: INT illusory copies of you, under your control, appear.
  • Spellbook: Spellseize: Cast this as a reaction to another spell of level INT or less being cast to make a temporary copy of it that you can cast within 1 day.
  • Spellbook: Visual illusion: You create INT silent, immobile, illusory objects that last until they are touched.

Killer Whale

Very fast & hungry. Hold a grudge.
Level +6
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: 3d6)
AC 14, HP 20, Move 0’ (swim 80'), Morale 7 (On next meeting, morale increases
by +1 for every member of their pod killed)
  • Bite (2d6)
  • Slam watercraft (STR check. requires 2 or more killer whales successfully attacking in concert). Watercraft loses 1 Salvage of cargo capacity. At 0, ship sinks.
  • Vengeful. If they flee combat, they will regroup and follow their adversary, waiting for an opportune time to strike.

The Kraken

Incredibly strong & slimy suckers.
Level +13
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: d2)
AC 13, HP 60, Move 20’ (swim 80'), Morale 10
  • Multiattack: 6 tentacle attks
  • Tentacle (DEX check or grappled. STR check to escape) Can grapple up to 8 individual at a time. Draws grappled targets to mouth to bite.
  • Bite (2d8) If bite succeeds by 5 or more, the target is swallowed whole and takes 3d6 damage each round until the Kraken dies.
  • Grapple watercraft. Stops crafts speed.

Palaeozoic Sea Snake

Serpentine moves & poisonous bite.
Level +6
Number Appearing: d2 (lair: 2d4)
AC 16, HP 14 MOV 0’ (swim 80'), Morale 8
  • Poisonous bite (2d6, CON check or take addt'l d6)
  • Poisonous wake (any creatures in the water within 20' of the sea snake takes d4 damage)

Royal Turtle Ship

Gargantuan sea turtle with a keep growing from its shell. Hobart the Hob King is making a Grand Tour of his watery kingdom.
Level +10
Number Appearing: unique
AC 18, HP 80, Move 20’ (swim 20'), Morale 10
  • Flipper (4d10) Very slow, only attacks every other turn.
  • Crewed by 3d6+10 Hobgoblin retinue of the Hob King


Alluring fish folk who drown the beguiled.
Level +3
Number Appearing: d6 (lair: 2d12)
AC 12, HP 12, Move 10’ (swim 60'), Morale 7
  • Drown (STR check or be pulled into the depths to drown. -10 if beguiled)
  • Song (CHA check or helplessly drawn to the siren)

Speckled Axolotls

Poisonous tongues
Level +5
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: 2d4)
AC 14, HP 18, Move 40’ (swim 40'), Morale 7
  • Multiattack: 1 bite + 1 tail slam
  • Bite (d6) if attack succeeds by 5 or more, poisoned: take 1 direct damage per round until you pass a CON check
  • Tail slam (d10) 15' reach

Suckerfish School

Latches on to the hull slowing ships.
Level +1
Number Appearing: d4 (lair: 2d4)
AC 13, HP 4, Move 0’ (swim 50'), Morale 7
  • Fish-hickey (d2), reduces swim speed by 10'
  • Slow watercraft (decrements ship speed: fast > average > slow > dead in the water)

Unctuous Gastropod

Humongous sluglike creature.
Level +8
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: d2)
AC 15, HP 35, Move 40’ (swim 40'), Morale 8
  • Slime puddle: 20' radius. -5 penalty to any action that requires traction, including getting up from prone or picking up or retrieving objects.
  • Slimy slam (3d6) slimed: requires a Dex check to avoid falling prone and a STR check to retain a grip on handheld objects

Whirlpool Elemental

Weaves giant waves around ships.
Level +7
Number Appearing: 1 (lair: d4)
AC 13, HP 20, Move 20’ (swim 60'), Morale 8
  • Wave (d8, STR check to avoid being washed overboard) Washes all unsecured equipment overboard.
  • Batter (d4 automatic damage to any swimmers caught in the whirlpool)
  • Dizzing effect (-5 ranges attacks to anyone on a watercraft caught in the whirlpool)

Updated Statblock

The Great Twenty-Tentacled Cephalopod

The Terror of the Bottled Sea! Considered unkillable.
Level +15
AC 13, HP 100, MOV 40’ (swim 40'), Morale 10
  • Multiattack: 6 tentacle attacks, or 5 tentacles and 1 bite
  • Bite (2d8) If the bite attack rolls 5+ higher than needed, the target is swallowed whole and takes 3d6 damage each round until the Cephalopod dies.
  • Tentacle. Attacks up to 20’ away. On a hit, target is restrained. Next round, it will be dragged to its mouth and bitten.
  • Regeneration: Recovers d6 HP/round. Revives 2d6 rounds after death. Lightning or acid lowers its max HP.


  1. Neat, you put a lot of work into this. Rather liked the Bottled Sea setting, and this expands it a fair bit.

    One niggling point: Surely Llull should be a "thalassocrat" rather than a "thalassocract" right? It's a pretty great portmanteau of "thalasso-" ("of the sea") and "aristocrat" without the extra "c" in there.


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