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Unfathomable! Sessions 20 & 21

The party plots their final moves of their sojourn into the Unfathomable Underworld!

Unfathomable! Interlude: The Soldier and the Wicked Crone

Before she was a lich, Greta was Granny. She traded magical tattoos for gemstones. But you needn't worry if you had none. Granny was sure to offer you some other bargain.

The Bottled Sea, Knave 2e Bestiary 2

More monsters and NPCs for the Bottled Sea!

The Bottled Sea Campaign Pitch

 Here is the pitch document I made for the Bottled Sea.

The Bottled Sea (Knave 2e bestiary)

With the Unfathomable! campaign coming to a conclusion, I'm starting to think about the next one. I won't have nearly as much time to prep, so I'm picking rules and settings that lend themselves to improv:

Unfathomable! Session 19

Mutant mutatis mutandis!

Unfathomable! Session 18

 What's cooler than cool? A frozen ice lady!