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Landshut Rules for 5e

I enjoy D&D 5e, but my heart belongs to games like Maze Rats and Sword & Backpack—games where you can keep all the rules in your head, and make up the rest. So I've been keenly following the Landshut posts over on Darkworm Colt. 5e has a pretty decent skill list, a standard equipment list, and plenty of examples for character powers to draw on. So, I threw together a quick-and-dirty pdf of 5e-inspired Landshut hack. 5e Landshut Rules Following Mr. Matausch's example, let's make a couple characters to see how it works! Sample Character 1 1. Adjective: 1d6=2 Dexterous (+3) 2. Hits=4 3. Proficiencies (+2) I’m imaging a ranger-ish character, so I pick: Animal Handling, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival Light Armor, Martial Weapons, Simple Weapons, Herbalism Kit, Land Vehicles 4. Equipment: 2d6=6 Longbow Short Sword Leather Armor Herbalism Kit Explorer’s Pack Dog 5. Lose equipment: 1d6=5. Roll to see which item is kept: 1d6=4. Herbalis