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Setting: Herebury and the Wide World

Two additional maps for my Beyond the Wall campaign, now that they are moving past their home village: The Olfdene Valley The Wide World

Harangue Your Enemies

I'm reworking my Adventurer class for Delving Deeper . For one thing, I'm probably going to call it the Expert class, and use "Adventurer" for what is now rather awkwardly called "the Combat Specialist." Each type of Expert is also getting their own combat move. Subterfugue gets Backstab, Survival gets Ambush, Knowledge gets Calculated Strike. I was working on the move for the Communication Expert and decided to see if I could use the Turn Undead table. +John Stater  had mentioned the idea of testing other applications for this table, and, wouldn't you know,  +Peter Fröhlich  just happened to post an analysis of the table's math as I was in the middle of it. The resulting table is based largely on the numbers from  +Dyson Logos '  Alternate Turning Table . The move is Harangue Enemy, and the idea is that the Expert in Communication (a Bard, or Siren, or firebrand Preacher, etc.) would be able to speechify a real whammy on a group of cr