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The Black Hack: Yoon-Suin Classes: Slugs and Crabs

I'm considering running The Maze of The Blue Medusa , set in Yoon-Suin, The Purple Land. Slug-Folk The hermaphroditic Slug-Folk occupy the highest social castes in Yoon-Suin, The Purple Land. Each family has a patron god, who bestows power and favor upon them. HD: d8 Starting HP: 1d8+4 HP per Level/Resting: 1d8 Maximum Armor: Medium Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 unarmed Social Standing. Slug-men receive Advantaged CHA checks when the status of their family comes to bear. 1d6 Family Background 1-2 Oligopolist (opium, tea, or slave traders) 3 Criminal (smugglers) 4-6 Brahmin (sages, tax collectors, archivists, poets, bureaucrats) Blessed Flesh. Being invertebrates, Slug-folk receive Advantaged STR saves against crushing damage. Spell-casting. Beginning at 2nd Level, Slug-folk follow the Cleric’s spell progression. Character Level Spell Slot Level 1 2 3

Black Hack Class: The Traveler

A class by John Stater , adapted for The Black Hack HD: d6 Starting HP: 1d6+4 Maximum Armor: Medium Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 unarmed Leveling Up. Roll to see if Attributes increase. Roll with Advantage for WIS or CHA. Dreamer. Travelers have advantaged Saves vs. Sleep effects. Should they succumb to sleep, they remain aware of their surroundings, and can possess an inanimate object to act upon the world. If this object is destroyed, the traveler loses hit points according to the size. Levels Object Size HP Loss if Destroyed 1-3 Small 1d6 4-6 Human-sized 2d6 7+ Large 3d6 Eccentric. Upon advancing to a new level, a traveller must roll on the table below. When upset by the conditions stipulated, the traveller must make a WIS save, or suffer Disadvantage to all checks until the situation can be resolved. If an eccentricity is rolled twice, this WIS save is Disadvantaged.