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Random Table: Patron Diety

I'm working on some playbooks for quick character generation for a group a kids in an effort to keep chargen to five or ten minutes. I'm using S&W Whitebox, with bits of Holmes and whatnot tucked in here or there. There should be just enough fluff to give the characters some distinction without everyone mulling for half an hour about what makes their guy special. Wizards are differentiated by randomly selected spells; fighters roll for backgrounds. Clerics don't get spells at first level, so they needed something. Like a patron deity. Roll 5 d20s to generate a patron deity. 1 Arn- -azee The Burning… …Bull… …of Ancestors. 2 Bur- -ex The Quiet… …Mother/Father… …of The Sun. 3 Col- -gam The Rebellious… …Frog… …of Legend. 4 Dre- -hys The Angry… …Thunder… …of Sleep and Dreams. 5 Ens- -isos The Shining… …Wa

Simplest Death & Dismemberment

I love Death & Dismemberment Tables, but I get tired of looking them up. So how about an easily remembered rule? When you reach 0 or negative hp: Subtract 1d10 from a random attribute (1d6). The player can choose: 1. Pass out from blood loss until you receive enough aid to get back up to positive hit points, or  2. Stay on your feet like a bad-ass, but take a Permanent Injury. If any attribute reaches 0, you are dead. If you are injured again, you have to roll for Death & Dismemberment again. Keep track of negative hit points—you have to recover them before you can heal your positive hp. Attribute points take a week of full rest per point. Multiple attributes can recover at the same time. Permanent Injuries Write down a serious injury, such as a lost limb, next to the affected attribute. This is now a Disadvantage, whenever you use that attribute in a way that would be hindered by the injury. The Player gets to decide what the Permanent Injury is, although

1d12 Serial Villains and their Evil Machinations

via Richard Sala