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4d20 Pill Rations

Sloooooowly, in drips and drabs, I'm working on my Buck Rogers-inspired Black Hack (so slowly because, this summer, I'm putting out a weekly webcomic and trying to finish the pencil-draft of a new graphic novel). One of the special pleasures of writing this ruleset is trying to capture the feel of not just science-fantasy, but science-fantasy from the 1930s. I always find food to be very evocative of time and place. I've bored many players by providing a little too much description of the villagers' dinner. Anyway, there's Pill Rations. They provide you with the experience of an entire meal. Roll to see what 1930s-style vittles are on the menu. 1d20 Appetizer Vegetable Main Dessert 1 Bouillabaisse Baked Potato Beef Steak Anise Cookies 2 Canapés Boiled Chestnuts Braised Sweetbreads Apricot Sponge 3 Clam Broth Buttered Beets Corned Beef Caramel La