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Scaffolds & Dragons: Class/Training/Advancement

For the Kid's Game, I've decided to ditch Class in favor of á la carte Training Levels. This is blatantly derived from  +Daniel Sell 's "Adventurer" rules . Level     XP              Saving Throw 0             0                         16 1             100                     15 2             2000                   15 3             4000                   14 4             8000                   14 5             16000                 13 6             32000                 13 7             64000                 12 8             120000               12 9             240000               12 Each time you gain a new level, pick the type of training you receive: Fighting, Spells, or Skills. Fighting +1 to hit in melee and ranged attacks +1d6 Hit Points +1 to Save vs. Paralysis At Fighting Level 1: wear Medium Armor without penalty At Fighting Level 3: wear Heavy Armor without penalty Spells Cast one spell per day per Spell Level. +1d4 Hit

Scaffolds & Dragons: Races

I've been playing a lot with the kid, mostly by-the-book Holmes. I bough the kid his own copy of the  Blueholme Prentice Rules , which makes for a great introduction. It's clearly written, a nicely digestible amount for a kid to wrap his head around, and the public domain fairy-tale art looks great and passes the parental appropriateness check. This is my first time as an adult even attempting to play rules-as-written, and it's been a great experience. If Blueholme Compleat were out, we'd definitely carry on with that. But, now that our characters are starting to get up in levels, we need to transition to another ruleset. The kid wants to trade off GM'ing sessions with me for some friends, this summer. To make things easier on both him and his friends, I'm back to hacking a simplified ruleset. I've abandoned some of the scaffolding I built into my earlier attempts at a set of Kid's Rules . The kid wants real damage, the possibility of death, an