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I've started a D&D campaign for kids and parents. We're running 5e (the kids have the books, and want to use them), but we used tools from Beyond the Wall to generate characters and their home village. Ballyjack is a village that grew up around the stump of the giant beanstalk that was chopped down centuries ago in a dispute with a local cloud giant. It is now mostly known for pig-farming. Significant NPCs Honeywell Ballyjack, Mayor, owner of a large pig farm at the edge of town Dirk the Reeve, oversees the town for the mayor and enforces the mayor’s decrees Butthog, Dirk’s lackey, recently kidnapped and beaten by goblins Filfory Hogsbottom, brewmaster, owner of Hogsbottom Inn and Brew-works Tatter Helga, a hedge witch who lives in town and makes petty charms and potions Jerrod the Bard, lives at the Inn, one of the better-traveled and more knowledgeable citizens of the town Sylvarus Nuthing, a hermit who lives near edge of the Thousand Acre Wood Timmor