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Rabblement of Goblins Name Generator

If you ever need to know the names of the individual goblins in a rabblement , roll for (or pick) a prefix and suffix for each. For the last goblin, roll on the outlier column.   exempli gratia: Bugpimple Carpguzzle Mungplunker Stickaddle and Ginger   D30 Prefix Suffix Outlier 1 Ache- Gros- Repo- -Addle Babycake 2 Alibi- Hat- Scab- -Bangle Beanpole 3 Bat- Huf(fi)- Sink- -Coddle Beetle 4 Block- Hump- Slap- -Dimple Buster 5 Boil- Itch(i)- Slink- -Flinger Chicken Butt 6 Bug- Jam(mi)- Slip- -Gurgle Coconut 7 Bump- Jot- Slop- -Guzzle Daisy 8 Canker- Krisp(i)- Snap- -Hopper Doc 9 Carp- Left- Sneek- -Inkle Ginger 10 Clod- Lemmo- Snot- -Jottle Granny 11 Cobb- Lick- Snoz- -Mongle Guy 12 Cod- Limp- Stick(i)- -Mottle Hamhock 13 Damp- Lump- Stink(o)- -Nozzle Howler 14 Dang(it)- Mimp- Tang- -Pimple Junior 15 Dig- Mung- Toot- -Plunker Monkey 16 Dit(to)- Mup(po)- Tot(ter)- -Popper Muffin 17 Dump- Must(i)- Tung- -Rankle Nibbles 18 Dung- Nogin- Ump- -Rassler Owlbear 19 Durp- Nono- Urk- -Riggler Petunia

5e NPC: A Rabblement of Goblins

A rabblement is a collection of bottom-of-the-barrel goblins that have learned to stick together and follow orders. They are enthusiastic, incompetent, and prone to dying in superfluous ways. This is for a proposed reverse-dungeon, where the players are monsters who have fled the Caves of Chaos, and taken up residence in an abandoned Quasqueton. I wanted them to have some incompetent underlings running around the place without having to keep track of a bunch of NPCs. They're not fighters, and altogether are less effective than a single goblin warrior. The rabblement’s main purpose is to act as general factotum to the PCs and provide Help actions. They can only do this when they are all together. If separated from the scrum, the individual goblins become paralyzed with fear and indecision.   A Rabblement of Goblins Small mob (goblinoid), chaotic neutral Armor Class  12 (unarmored) Hit Points  2d6 + Recruiter’s CHA bonus Speed  30 ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 10 (+0) 14 (+2) 10 (+0) 1