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Unfathomable! Session 2

 The party delves deeper into the mystery of Two Bushel's murder! Adola the Barmaid, with murder weapon and victim

Unfathomable! Session 1

Adola the friendly barmaid is being dragged away by guards, accused of murdering a laborer named Two Bushels!

Unfathomable! Session 0

 Of the 8 people I invited to my new Operation Unfathomable campaign , I was surprised to have landed 7 of them. We got together for character generation.  We made standard 5e characters with a few exceptions: The playable lineages are humans, wooly neanderthals, and citizen liches (although I was open to negotiating exceptions). Details in the Player's Packet. I offered the players the option of Walking The Iron Path As Crom Intended: roll your ability scores in order and start with a magic item. (Only one player took me up on this, and received the Sword of Demolition.) I asked a few questions to help flush out the characters and the world: What is your character goal? What is your player goal? What is a secret your character keeps? What is a secret kept from your character? What is a place in the campaign world that is significant to your character? Who is a person that is significant to your character, whether friend or antagonist? I think that's a pretty good, relatively s

New Campaign Time! Unfathomable!

Starting up a new campaign, I sent a menu of options out to a bunch of perspective players: Operation: Unfathomable! Civilization stinks—an eternal tyranny of Immortal Sorcerer-Kings and undead nobility. Freedom is found on the borderlands, such as the primeval frontier of Upper Mastadonia. Here, rebels, misfits, and fugitives might scrape together a life on their own terms. Unfortunately, your band of rebels, misfits and fugitives have been press-ganged into a dangerous mission in the vastness of the uncanny Underworld. System: D&D 5e Initially available playable lineages: Human, Wooly Neanderthal, Citizen Lich Tone: blacklight-poster gonzo fantasy Monster Hunt The freshly-ennobled Lord Saewig has been granted control of a long-abandoned castle of Hithercourt, provided he can fix it up, clear the monsters out of the wilderness, and keep a decent population of peasants alive. Saewig has recruited two bands of monster hunters, and the other band are a bunch of jerks. System: D&a