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The Doctor in the Maze

If you see this in time, there's a great deal of a Humble Bundle : The Doctor Who RPG , Sourcebooks for 11 Doctors, several adventures, and a few other Sourcebooks and miscellanea to boot. You can get the whole pile for $15. That's a lot. I have committed fan art. The Doctor Who rpg is a fine enough system, but not really to my taste. But the Doctor-specific Sourcebooks are a real find. They include adventure breakdowns of each Doctor's TV episodes. So, decades of game-able material. In order to make use of this treasure trove, I quickly knocked together a supplement to Maze Rats: TIME RATS I should say that I did this entirely off the top of my head, without reviewing either the Doctor Who rpg, or Maze Rats, so it might be ripe for correction or expansion. But it's enough to get me started. Twice, in fact. Also, you can find even more material at the Cubicle 7 forum , where folks are compiling sourcebooks of each Doctor's extra-canonical advent