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5e Playable Lineage: Onocentaur, Updated

This is a very modest update of the 5e Onocentaur I've posted before, bringing it in line with the post-Tasha's world. It may be old hat already, what with the D&D One playtest. Onocentaur Onocentaurs have the torso, arms, and head of a human, and the legs and body of a donkey. Shaggy donkey ears grow from their head, and buck teeth are common. They are smaller than their wild cousins, the noble centaurs, and more adapted to life among humans. They fit more easily into human-scaled buildings, and are much better climbers—Onocentaurs have an easy time navigating stairs and can even learn to climb ladders. They are rustic creatures, often living on the rural outskirts of civilization, making their living close to the land, as farmers, herders, and artisans. They do not have a distinct culture of their own, adopting the customs and modes of the region. Onocentaurs are often figures of ridicule. They are considered obstinate, dull, and unintentionally comical. An onocentaur mig

5e Playable Lineage: Natbakka & Will o' Wicks

Here are two playable lineages I put together for an all-subterranean campaign I hoped to get off the ground, using Sly Flourish's Ruins of the Grendelroot . We ended up going with a Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign, instead Some Pointless Geographic Context Above the flinty peaks of  Kazbeg howl endless storms and demon winds. Below, dwarves thrive, secure in their halls of stone. Kazbeg is a region within the dwarven nation of Scarmis. To the south is Middlemarch, the home of humans. Further south lies elven Nantierre. North of Scarmis, across the frigid waters, is Nord, which bears the North Pole, one of the pillars that holds the sky aloft. These nations are part of Ecumene, a collection of continents on an infinite flat plane of land and ocean called the Glorious Mundi. The campaign, called Under the Kazbeg Mountains, would have featured a lot of dwarves, kobolds, svirfneblin, and other playable lineages that like it underground. To this I added some dungeon weirdoes of my