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Superheroes, Tiny and Mathematical

I'm enjoying my time with the TinySupers. It's simple enough to learn on the fly, but flexible enough to model a variety of different activities. The light, elegant mechanics have really freed up my imagination, making game-prep easier with better results. However, I've been feeling that it is entirely too easy for players to gain Advantage on nearly every roll. So I typed over to anydice to see how big a problem this is. ( Tiny d6 in a teeny-tiny nutsehell: roll 2 d6, count 5's or 6's as successes. Disadvantage: roll 1d6. Advantage: 3d6. If you spend time to Focus on an action, count 4, 5, and 6 as successes.) Here are your chances of failing the various types of rolls in Tiny d6: Tiny Supers Odds Test % Chance of Failure Disadvantaged Test 66.6666666667 Normal Test 44.4444444444 Advantaged Test 29.6296296296 Focused Disadvantage 50 Focused Test 25 Foc