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Ray Guns

In my not-really spare time, I'm joining the rest of the world in toying with a The Black Hack hack. It's Buck Rogers-style Planetary Romance. Pretty much everyone has a ray gun, and no two ray guns are alike. So, what does your ray gun fire? 4d20 1 Aethero- Charged Arc- Ball 2 Arcano- Disintegrator Chrono- Beam 3 Astro- Energy Cutting Blast 4 Atomo- Explosive Destructo- Bolt 5 Cosmo- Gravitational Excello- Burst 6 Dyno- Ionic Gyro- Dart 7 Electro- Laser Holo- Force 8 Hyper- Lightning Inversion Lance 9 Kineto- Magma Null Missile 10 Macro- Magnetic Omni- Needle 11 Multi- Matter Piercing Particle 12 Nega- Molecular Power P