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Extra-Planar Entity Name Generator

Inspired by +Ralph Lovegrove 's recent post on Stormbringer-style demons , here's a quick idea that really doesn't need to be a post. Roll 1d12. Blindly hit that number of keys on your keyboard. Write down a phonetic approximation of your keyboard-pecking. Edit to taste. Demons named! Demon Names Aasid G'gaitif Heek Juguntun' Visdgu' Exle Keeudwax Kryid Makojifidra Mne Pilkhivy Tyrtveehg Xerdegar Xutru

Undersea Odd

The kid woke me up this morning, saying "Let's play D&D, but let's be sea creatures." Okey-doke. Illustrations from Walt McDougall’s Good Stories for Children, 1902-05 I asked him to make up a list of sea creatures he'd like to play (having no idea if he meant natural sea fauna, or mermen and sea serpents, or what), while I did a quick re-skinning of +Chris McDowall 's   One-Page Edition of Into The Odd. Here is the result: Undersea Odd Quick and dirty, but we were playing before the cereal got soggy, and that was good. Although, I think the kid would have appreciated more fights and treasure.