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B/X Grappling Rules

I'm adding some house-rules and what-nots to an edition of B/X Purple Core , and decided I wanted some Grappling Rules: Grappling (Optional Rule) If a character wishes to pin or overpower an opponent, they may attempt to grapple them. Generally speaking, as many as six grapplers can engage a single defender. Each grappler must succeed at an attack roll against the defender. The referee may choose to wholly or partially ignore armor for purposes of this attack. Roll the HD of each combatant on both sides.  • If the grappler’s side has the highest result, the defender is immobilized. They can be disarmed, tied up, pinned to the ground, or pushed in any direction at one quarter their movement. • If the results are a tie, the struggle continues and everyone must roll again unless both sides agree to discontinue.  • If the defender has the highest result, they have broken free. The grapplers are thrown back 5’ and unable to act for one round. Once engaged in grappling, ne

B/X Purple Core

I used Gavin Norman's B/X Essentials Core Rules as an exercise in learning InDesign. The aesthetic is aggravatingly tasteful, but it should be easy to scroll through, with lots of hyperlinks and a few helpful annotations. Click for the PDF Feedback, as always, is accepted and solicited. Now to make a houserules edition! The B/X Monogram on the cover is based the font Rye , which is also used as the header text inside the document. If you'd like to use it for something B/X related, and want a high-rez or vectorized file, let me know! B/X Monogram by Joel Priddy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .