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Unfathomable! Magic Items

Here are some of the fabulous enchanted items to be found in the unfathomable Underworld.

Unfathomable! Session 6

The Dogs of Destiny run away and fight and run away again.

Unfathomable! Bestiary & Rogue's Gallery 1

 Mind-Bats, Giant Pill Bugs, Giant Ape Myrmidon, Eyes of Shaggath-Ka, and Worm Soldiers!

Unfathomable! Session 5

 In which the players prove themselves malicious liars and ruin my life.

Unfathomable! Session 4

 The PCs celebrate the successful resolution of the murder mystery and finally make it to the dungeon!

Unfathomable! The Rival Team

 The Apis Irregulars are a band of adventurers seeking employment in and around Fort Enterprise, and have been set up as the rivals to the PC party.

Dungeon Cocktails: The Action Economy and The Subdual Damage

I made cocktails for my gaming group, and we all lived to tell the tale. The Action Economy: One is good, two is better, but three will break the game. The Subdual Damage:  (Mocktail) When you're not actually trying to take someone out.

Unfathomable! Session 3

 The Party confronts murder in its den! Death swoops from the skies! A victory is twisted into deeper doom!