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Unfathomable! Session 17

Ye Dogs of Destiny decide the very fate of the Universe!

Unfathomable! Session 16

  Ye Dogs of Destiny are befuddled by the Oracle of the Pit, disgusted by the life cycle of Chaos Flies, and tantalized by a mysterious frozen cave!

Unfathomable! Bestiary: Thrantrix the Ineffable statblock

Thrantrix is a godling newly born of Primal Chaos. Like most godlings, her colossal ego cries out for approbation and the worship.

Unfathomable! Sessions 14 & 15 (plus a magic item)

 Ye Dogs of Destiny leap from the Nullite frying pan into the Chaos godling fire!

Unfathomable! Interlude: Brother Ded's Vacation

 When a player was out for several weeks, we wrote a little play about his time away.