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Mini-game: Potion Quaffing

A reoccurring event in the campaign I play with my kid are The Monster Olympics. The PCs disguise themselves as evil creatures and infiltrate the annual competition. It's an excuse to play a bunch of mini-games: jousting, wrestling, racing, etc. Maintaining your disguise, cheating, and foiling the other team's attempts to cheat are unofficial but vital events. One of the events is Potion-Quaffing. It's pretty straightforward: a Whitehack-style blackjack roll based on Constitution, and a random table to come up with really awful potions. Think you could stomach some Nectar of Curdled Frog Gall with a Slice of Sea Cucumber? How about a tall glass of Hag Wart and Heartache, Haunted by a Vengeful Ghost? Maybe Pearls of Sugared Shoggoth Wool and Runny Cheese, on the Rocks, Served in a Pumpkin Shell? Potion-Quaffing Rules

Tunnels & Trolls Cheat Sheet

When learning a new system, I often reduce the rules down to a simple reference document. I do this even for the most minimal games, taking perverse pleasure in reducing an elegant 2-page system into an unhelpfully dense 1/2-page system. I recently joined a PbP game using the stripped-down, free version of Tunnels & Trolls, fifth edition . We're all new to the system. In the spirit of learning together, here's the document. I hope it's useful. Tunnels & Trolls Cheater I also hope it's accurate. Being new to the game, I may have misinterpreted  what I was reading. Please be gentle in your corrections—I'm a sensitive flower.