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Recruiting: Free Starspiel Play-by-Post

Free Starspiel Star Frontiers by way of Free Kriegsspiel With the promise of a little extra free time, this summer, I'm dipping my toes back in Play-by-Post. Want to join in on some operatic, free-wheeling sci-fi shenanigans? Welcome to Starspiel, the Frontier of Space The price of galactic civilization’s peace, security, and abundance is a need for constant expansion. New worlds with valuable resources must be found and exploited. This job falls to the explorers, itinerants, revolutionaries, fugitives, exiles, criminals, and a thousand other stripes of misfit that call the frontier space of Starspiel home. Who are you? What brought you to the Starspiel? How did you lose everything? What do you want to do about it? Art by Arne Niklas Jansson, Setting Starting off with Star Frontiers as a base, but open to collaborative world-building as we play. What’s Star Frontiers? System Free Starspeil, a Star Frontiers gloss on Free Kriegsspiel. Link t