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Unfathomable! Cultists of Nul, part 2 (5e stats)

More statblocks from the Underworld's fastest growing cult/franchise operation!

Unfathomable! Sesssion 13

Ye Dogs of Destiny make bloody mayhem in the Temple of Nul! Plus, bonus encumbrance shenanigans!

Unfathomable! Cultists of Nul, part 1 (5e Stats)

 The Cult of Nul is a quickly-expanding Underworld religion, with its appealing promise of reliable delivery from the miseries of consciousness. It has many local franchise temples throughout the Underworld, and maintains roadside Graven Images along major Underworld thoroughfares.

Unfathomable! Session 12

  Ye Dogs of Destiny fight the Cult of the Mindless God in they very heart of their subterranean Temple!

Unfathomable! Session 11

 Ye Dogs of Destiny encounter the Cultists of Nul and travel the Devil's Highway!

Campaign Preambles

I think your campaign might benefit from a preamble, read at the beginning of each session.

Unfathomable! Interlopers from the Future (5e Stats)

The Department of Cosmology at Omni-Cosmic University (go, fighting Pulsars!) seems to have an inordinate interest in the politics of a particular section of the Underworld in the impossibly remote Age of Swords and Sorcery.

Unfathomable! Session 10

Ye Dogs of Destiny must choose sides... and the fate of all futurity hangs in the balance!