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G+ Preservation: What's Wrong with This Treasure?

This post documents content from the G+ 1d∞ OSR Obstacles Group . It was good while it lasted. What's wrong with this treasure? • A classic from way back: The gold coins, stamped with the face of the Dungeon Boss, are just alive enough to love the Boss and want to be with him/her/it. They will call out at the worst possible time, and can shift their weight to throw you off balance. Joel Priddy • Another classic: The gold coins are actually chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. Chocolate is rare, so they're still worth 1 gp, and they're much lighter than real gold. But they'll melt at anything above room temperature, and, obviously, there's a fire-breathing whatsit coming down the hall. Joel Priddy (Chocolate coins - and everyone knows chocolate causes acne ... and berserker rages in dwarves.) John Stater (Also outlawed as a poison in polities dominated by werewolves, wolf weres, and canid furries.) Peter Kisner • The gold is sacred to Mam

G+ Preservation: What's Keeping You from Getting through This Door?

This post documents content from the G+ 1d∞ OSR Obstacles Group . Continued thanks to all the wonderful  contributors to this group, and more broadly, to the late, lamented G+ scene. So, why can't you get through this door? • A burning bush whose fire is not extinguished by water. Kyle Maxwell • Whoever opens the door to GOAL will have his/her life force bound to that of the guardian of GOAL. Handy Haversack • The 20-foot moat of lava in front of it. Charlie Vick • There's a tree, grown through the doorway completely. It's holding this section of the dungeon up. Someone chopped through part of it at some point, but their axe is on the floor next to a busted skeleton with a ceiling-stone atop it. Charlie Vick • It's a Possession Door. You can walk through it, but good luck with the ghost that'll sneak into your head. There's a bunch of warnings about this in broken common, Dwarfish, Gobbo, etc. Charlie Vick • The shadows that enshroud