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DD/Oe/BX Skills

Delving Deeper, like Oe and B/X, has lots of 1d6 skill rolls scattered throughout the rules— listen at doors, open a stuck door, detect traps. Except for the thief skills, DD's skills are pretty much the same as the early editions and other clones. Being someone who would much rather learn a guiding principle than memorize/look up specific instances, I decided to gather all the skills together and see what I could do with them: Listen at doors Halflings, Elves, Dwarves: 2 in 6 Thief: 4 in 6 Everyone else: 1 in 6 Dungeon Architecture Dwarves: 2 in 6 Find Secret Doors (takes 1 turn) Elves, Thieves: 4 in 6 Everyone else: 2 in 6 Thiefy Stuff: Open Locks; Disarm Device; Climb sheer surface; Sleight-of-hand Thief: 4 in 6 Stealthy movement/Hide Halflings: “nearly invisible” “almost silent” = automatic? (B/X: 10% in underbrush, 2 in 6 w/ cover) Thief: 4 in 6 Surprise Thief: 4 in 6 Everyone else: 2 in 6 Open Doors Weaklings (STR 3-6): 1 in 6 STR 7-18: 2 in

Delving Deeper/0e Character Class: Combat Specialist

Okay, so. While the Fighter can model a wide variety of character types—fencer, archer, pirate, etc.—it effectively punishes any player who doesn't follow the same arms race of more-better armor and most-magic weapon. I mean, I could turn my back on that +3 plate because I'm really set on the image of Robin Hood. And my twelth-level mage could decide to stick to cantrips. But more than likely I'd start stretching the image of the character until it looks like every other Fighter out there. Let's let the Fighter be the professional man-at-arms. Whether thug, barbarian, knight, or infantryman, the Fighter is someone who has dedicated themselves to general study of combat. They know all the weapons, all the armors, and spend a lot of time in chat rooms arguing over tactics and strategy. The Combat Specialist is anyone who focuses on fighting but without the broad martial education of a Fighter. Perhaps this is because fighting is only part of their job (say, a Pira

Adam Dant has drawn your next post-apocalyptic city for you

Adam Dant, Shoreditch in the Year 3000 Adam Dant has drawn some lovely maps exploring the town of Shoreditch, including this one, based on interviewing the towns residents about where they thought things were headed in the next few centuries.