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The Starshut Rules

This summer might require some one-shot filler sessions for one of my campaigns, as various players wander off on vacations. Feeling some nostalgia for Star Frontiers, I made a Landshut variant: Starshut.pdf! I may have played more Star Frontiers than D&D, back in the day. Having grown up on Star Trek and Star Wars and Isaac Asimov, I was eager for a science fiction rpg, and this was the one that clicked with me. It hit a sweet spot of just-enough world-building to feel distinct, but not enough to collapse under its own weight.  I don't remember much of the mechanics, other than it was a percentile system. At the time this struck me as very sophisticated, but I find double d10's distastefully granular now. It has the sort of persnickety skill system that drives me up the wall. And while I feel a fiddly affection for the paired attribute system, I recognize it too as unnecessarily baroque. All of which is to say, I was happy enough to ditch the mechanics but keep the societ

Lasers & Feelings, RetroRocket

 Necro-Cavaliers of the Astral Galaxy reminded me of just how much fun John Harper's Lasers and Feelings is. So I made a hack. Like so many others have. There's no new titular dichotomy for my hack, even though lasers aren't so much a part of the 30's era, Buck Rogers-style, planetary romances I wanted to emulate. Something like "Rockets & Romance" would have been entirely genre appropriate, but there's no improving on the geek poetry of declaring "I rolled LaserFeelings!" Anyway, I hope you like it. Let me know if you play it! LASERS & FEELINGS, RETROROCKET (pdf) Here's some of my previous noodlings along the same retro-futuristic lines: Ray Guns Food Pills Strange Powers An Exaltation of Rockets