Monday, February 17, 2014

Satyr Sub-Class: Sabbat Satyr

I mentioned in the first satyr post that their reputations have suffered from the troublesome behavior of certain extreme elements within their ranks. People think that they are hedonists because of the Bacchante, or tricksters because of the Calicantsars. But the deepest, darkest suspicion people hold against satyrs is that they trade in dark magic. This is because of the Sabbat Satyrs.

Sabbat Satyr
Requirements: INT 13
Prime Requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d4
Max Level: 14

Few satyrs have the academic focus necessary to become spell casters, and even when they do, many do not pursue it. This is because satyr magical talents inevitably lean towards necromancy.

May wield sickles, knives, and staves. May not wear armor.
Hit Progression, Spell Progression, and Save as Magic User.
May not use magic armor or divine scrolls.
Cannot perform Dazzling Music as other satyrs.

Spells: Sabbat Satyrs cast spells from Gavin Norman’s Necromancer spell list.

Horns: At Level 2, sabbats grow rams horns that get larger and more intricately curved as they advance.

Countenance: At fifth level, grand sabbats’ faces lose their resemblance to humans, becoming increasingly goat-like as they advance.

Tail: At sixth level, sabbats grow long, horse-like tails.

Coven: At ninth level, sabbats will attract a coven of witches and mages. The covens typically keep themselves secret, and cultivating power and influence over their home region without revealing their existence.

1          Satyrisci                            Spells                0                        1d4
2          Faun Seer                         Horns 1d2         2700                  2d4
3          Caprinus                          Horns 1d4         5400                  3d4
4          Scape Witch/Warlock    Horns 1d6         10,800               4d4
5          Beast                                 Countenance     21,000              5d4
6          Sabbat                               Tail                     43,000               6d4
7          Grand Sabbat                                              86,000               7d4
8          Mendesileni                                                135,000             8d4
9          Pappomendes                Coven                 270,000             9d4
10         Baphometi Minimus                                420,000             9d4+1
11         Baphometi Medius                                   570,000             9d4+2
12         Baphometi Maximus                                720,000             9d4+3

Sabbatic Goat by Eliphas Levi