Monday, February 10, 2014

Satyr Sub-Class: Calicantsar

These satyr-variants would be at a great advantage in a dungeon, but will face a lot of bias and persecution in town. 

Calicantsar (Goblin-Satyr)
Requirements: DEX 13, CHA 9
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d6
Max Level: 10

A rare, subterranean off-shot of satyrkind. Calicantsars are widely reviled as tricksters and child-stealers. This reputation may or may not be earned.

May use any weapons, and any armor except plate armor.
Hit Progression and Save as Fighter.
May not use wands or arcane/divine scrolls.
Stealthy: +1 to surprise.

Dazzling Music: Beginning at first level, calicantsars can cause powerful effects in others through music. They require an instrument, and prefer pipes, cymbals, castanets, bagpipes, and lyres.
Invitation to dance: One time a day per level, a satyr can perform a musical Invitation to Dance. This can be done while moving at normal speed. Instead of rolling on the normal encounter reaction table, roll 2d12 below:
2-3        Hostile, considering an attack
4-7        Uncertain, monster confused, listening to music
8-10      No attack, monster dances, conga line right out the door
11-12    Enthusiastic friendship
Panic: Once per day per level, a satyr can use music to inspire panic in others. This requires total concentration, and nothing else can be done while the satyr is performing. This triggers a morale check at -2 at any time, even if the creatures have previously rolled a 12. Undead and deaf creatures are immune.
Lullaby: A calicantsar can play soothing music to help willing creatures to sleep soundly. This can counter effects that might disturb rest needed for healing. The calicantsar must play for at least a full turn during the period of disturbance.

Horns: At Level 2, glum fauns grow rams horns that get larger and more intricately curved as they advance.

1          Satyrisci            Dazzling Music                     0                      1d6
2          Glum Faun       Horns 1d2                             2000                 2d6
3          Bogey                Horns 1d4                             4000                 3d6
4          Undergruff       Horns 1d6                             8000                 4d6
5          Undergruff Hero                                            16,000               5d6
6          Calicantsar        Tail                                        32,000               6d6
7          Kallikantzaro                                                  64,000               7d6
8          Dark Sileni                                                       120,000            8d6
9          Cavelord          Underground fortress          240,000            9d6
10        Dispateri                                                          360,000            9d6+2

A word of warning, if you're curious about these guys: a google search for calicantsars turns nsfw quickly. Alarmingly so. I'm not talking naughty Greek pottery.