Sunday, February 2, 2014

My favorite house rule

image from one of my tumblrs, The Minds Project
Here is a good litmus test as to whether or not you're interested in my thoughts in gaming:

My favorite house rule, which I will shoehorn into every setting and ruleset that I possibly can, is Goblin Punch's rule for fashion counting towards armor class. Here's how I wrote it up for a Microlite20 campaign:

Even squamous horrors feel the power of a well-put-together ensemble. Style will save you.
Stylish clothes are expensive. And fashion is fickle, so be prepared to buy new clothes every season.
Stylish Clothes (10 x Normal Clothes prices) = +2 AC
Exquisite Clothes (100 x Normal Clothes prices, must have a Maid or Valet to maintain clothes) =+4AC
Stylish clothes are mussed beyond hope on a critical hit, losing all their AC benefit. A tailor can fix it up in a few hours, however.
Wearing Stylish Clothes
It takes a certain sophistication to bring an ensemble together. Your Communication skill rank must equal or exceed the Armor Class benefit you receive from your clothes. Otherwise, no benefit is gained. A Maid or Valet provides +1 to your Comm for this purpose.

Stylish clothes do not take up inventory slots. Exquisite clothes take up one slot (you’re probably holding a cane or cigarette holder or mink muff or something).
 It's an eye-roller, I know. But I love it.