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A Message from the King

The First Charter for the Reclamation of Tiberian Lands

Cadafael XII, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Middlemarch, Defender of the Realm, crowned in the Light of Urizen, &c.

WHEREAS the righteous Gods have returned unto the Wide Foundation of the World the lost and rediscovered lands of Tiberia, now bereft of the Governing Organs of Empire nor her Civilized Peoples, and;

WHEREAS our loving and well-disposed subjects have made suitors unto us, that we would vouchsafe unto them our License, to make Habitation in that region of Tiberia commonly referred to as Battersea, and in other territories of Tiberia appertaining unto us;

And to that End, are desirous that a company consisting of certain Knights, Gentility, Guildsfolk, Merchants and Adventurers should accompany them;

We, greatly commending their Desires for the furtherance of so noble a Work, DO, by these Letters Patents, graciously accept of, and agree to, their humble and well-intended Suit;

And therefore, for Us, our Heirs, and Successors, GRANT and agree:

To the establishment of the Duchy of Battersea, the boundaries of which shall be established by our Royal Cartographers, and the addition of the title, Duke of Battersea, to the Lists, with all the Privileges, Franchises, Liberties, Immunities, and Fealties thereof;

And, in support of this we commission, at expense of the rightly titled Duke, of a Castle Fastness in some fit and convenient Place within the bounds of Battersea;

And we do likewise, commission the formation of an adventuring Company, with the charge that they should preform such Tasks for the support and security of the Duchy, including but not limited to, under the authority of the Duke:

To explore and map the surrounding lands and to record such Perils, Benedictions, and Resources as might lie therein; to reclaim and re-sanctify any temples of the true and righteous Gods; to destroy such Monsters, Beasts, Aberrations, or Spirits as might threaten the Welfare of the Duchy; to make Treat with such Peoples, Beings, Prodigies, and Spirits as are inclined to swear fealty to or alliance with the Duchy, and in all things to the best of their Discretion, and the Discretion of the Duke, seek to better the Safeguard and Defense of the Duchy and our Subjects;

And moreover, our gracious Will and Pleasure is, and we do, GRANT and agree, for Us, our Heirs and Successors, that said Adventurers are to have and enjoy the Fruits of their Exploits, in the form of Gold, Silver, Copper, other precious Metals, Gems and Jewels recovered, for the Use and Behoof of the Duchy and the Adventuring Company thereof, yielding therefore to Us, our Heirs and Successors, one fifth part of each; further, in the accounting of such material and cultural Treasures, Artifacts , Ensorcellments, Relics, and Sources of Knowledge, whether ancient, modern, or otherworldly in origin, a third part shall be rendered to the Crown, giving the Crown Priority in the selection.

We have caused these letters to be made Patent, in Witness, &c.

Cadafael XII, King

tldr: A thousand years ago, the continent of Tiberia disappeared at the height of the Pan-Tiberian Empire. About 150 years ago, it reappeared, now full of ruins and monsters. The King wants you to go there, clear some land, build a castle, kill some monsters, and send treasure home.


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