Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Setting: Herebury, with locations

Here's what Herebury looks like now that the players have generated a ton of NPCs, locations, history, and intrigue for the place. It's going to be a challenge to make the scenario as much fun as chargen has been.
  1. Woodcroft House
  2. Town Square
  3. Eighter’s House
  4. Ravengard’s Library
  5. Herebury Market
  6. The Mill
  7. The Red Herring
  8. Herebury’s Hearth
  9. Hedge Hovel
  10. Tatter Helga’s House
  11. The Forge of Hake Glenross
  12. Temple of the Old Gods
  13. Wicht Hill
  14. The Forgotten Well
  15. Guardian’s Grove
  16. Shriek’s Den
  17. Smokey’s Cabin
  18. The Lumber Camp

Also, Beyond the Wall is proving to be just as great a bridge between the OSR and story games as one might hope. When I've suggested story-ish systems to this community before, they have looked upon me with the soft, pitying eye usually reserved for children who don't quite have their bowels under control, yet. Now, people are saying, "Tell me more about this Microscope."