Monday, May 12, 2014

Play-by-post: Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures

This summer, I'm going to run a BtW campaign over on the Unseen Servant forums. Let me recruit you!

Prince Valiant panel by Hal Foster
If you'd like to join, register at the Unseen Servant, and go through all the standard forum rigamarole:

  1. post in the Introductions and Welcomes thread
  2. go to the Looking for Players or Games thread and find my recruitment post, helpfully titled "Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures"
  3. private message me (Pulpatoon) to get included in the game

I'm looking for 5-6 players who can post more-or-less once every weekday, through the summer.

It might take awhile to get all the players lined up, so don't worry if it looks like a slow start. PbP is a great way to fit role playing into your schedule, but it does mean adapting yourself to a very different pace.