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Unfathomable! Magic Items

Here are some of the fabulous enchanted items to be found in the unfathomable Underworld.

These are mostly adapted to 5e from items or spells in Operation Unfathomable! and Odious Uplands! by Jason Sholtis

Boomer, the Sword of Demolition

3rd-level ability requires attunement

A fabled sword in the possession of Mort, who stole it, was jailed for the theft, broke out, and stole it again. It is the reason that District Investigator Reginar Eiffel is on Mort's tail.

A +1 sword that can explosively self-destruct. If you say the word "Go boom, Boomer," to the pommel, a tiny magic mouth opens and, in a calm female voice, begins counting down from 30. At zero, it detonates, dealing 6d6 force damage to everyone within 60'.

I like for PCs to have signature items, and so often let magic items level up with the character. At 3rd level, I plan on giving Mort the ability to cast Thunderwave once a day as an action. CON Save vs 8+STR.

Opalescent Scale Mail

This ancient armor may show up in the next session. It, like several of the items I'm listing today, are part of the magical treasures the Dread Pirate Goddard (the not-at-all-good father figure of a PC, Toljin) took into the Underworld in the hopes of earning his way into the afterlife by dying fighting the creatures of Chaos.

It is fashioned of some unearthly material that shimmers like psychedelic mother of pearl. It is much lighter that metal.

AC 16+DEX mod, +1 to saving throws.

Satchel of Magic Missive

An extremely worn brown leather messenger bag with a bronze clasp in the shape of a horse's head.

A letter or other document placed in this satchel is transmitted instantly across any distance, on this or any plane of existence, so long as the location of the recipient is known (within, say, 20'). The letter materializes on the recipient's person in a relatively secure area (under their hat, in a robe pocket, inside their underpants, etc.). 

Missives sent to those whose location is no longer correctly known end up in the cosmic dead-letter office and are subject to reading by outer beings.

The Dagger of Blind Hunger

requires attunement

A gnarled dagger with a beetle chitin handle. 

Everyday that it is fed any amount of blood, it grants its wielder Blindsight within 30' for the remainder until their next long rest.  This effect ends if they do not have possession of the dagger.

The Headsman's Blade

An oldie but a goody from Dungeon of Sign's Evocative +1 Sword Replacements.

A huge unwieldy two handed sword, encrusted the decorative silverwork. Etched in silver on its black blade: “From stone to sand and sand to silt, what grows today will one day wilt.”

On a critical hit: cleave the head of any enemy with HD equal to or less than the wielder's (Level +5). This is usually fatal.

The Headsman’s Blade is difficult to use even for a trained warrior of great strength and its wielder will strike at a -1 to hit.

Wand of Membranous Inconvenience

requires attunement

This wand looks a long, drippy string of petrified snot. 

It allows the wielder to cast Membraneous Inconvenience. It has 3 charges. It regains expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand collapses into sticky goop and is destroyed.

Membranous Inconvenience 

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes
Components: V, S

The target (medium size or smaller) must pass a DEX 15 Save or be temporarily encysted in a slimy globule of dense protoplasm and in danger of suffocation. The inconvenienced party can be freed with a STR 18 check (help from outside provides Advantage).

For reference: Suffocating. A creature can hold its breath for a number of minutes equal to 1 + its Constitution modifier (minimum of 30 seconds). When a creature runs out of breath or is choking, it can survive for a number of rounds equal to its Constitution modifier (minimum of 1 round).

Spoiler alert for the fate of the Dread Pirate Goddard


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