Friday, September 28, 2018

Knaves Unfathomable

I'm thinking of starting up a PbP game, running Jason Sholtis' Operation Unfathomable using Ben Milton's Knave. Here's my interpretation of the setting's additional character options. They're all at least a smidge better than a standardly-generated Knave, but I plan on only offering these as options for replacements characters, once the party is deep in the weirdness.

Cave Otter
You are a black-furred, humanoid otter, adapted to subterranean waterways. You are carnivorous, and untroubled by eating decomposed carrion or creatures warped by Chaos.
Oily Coat: You have natural armor worth 3/13. Against oozes, slimes, jellies, and puddings it is worth 9/19.
Dexterous: When rolling your DEX score, you may choose from the two lowest dice, instead of just the lowest. However, if your WIS is over 3/13, you must swap it out with your lowest ability.
Natural Weapons: Claws (1d3) or Bite (1d6).
Playful: A WIS save may be required to resist the impulse to eat, frolic, or check out something disgusting.
Unusual Proportions: Armor must be specially commissioned at considerable expense.
Starting Equipment: none.

Citizen Lich
Once a powerful mage from a necromantic kingdom in the South, you have lost you power, your riches, and your position in a failed bid to become one of the lich elite. Now you must start over again with only a few scraps of magic.
Frail: Begin with maximum 1 HP. When you advance a level, you roll d4’s instead of d8’s for additional hit points.
Undead: You can be turned as other undead. You cannot benefit from normal or magical healing. You do not need to eat, drink, or breathe. You do not sleep, but require 6 hours of torpor each day.
Hard to Kill: Reaching 0 HP does not permanently kill you. As long as your entire body is not destroyed by fire or acid, you will regain 1 HP per day. At level 4, you regain 2 HP per day; at level 8 you regain 3 HP per day.
Starting Equipment: Ornate but threadbare clothes, walking staff, 2 spell books (determine spells randomly).

Underworld Ranger
You have been trained since childhood to protect humanity by fighting the forces of Chaos in the Underworld.
Ranger: You are adept at tracking and foraging in the Underworld.
Starting Equipment: As normal for a Knave.
Special Equipment
Badge of Service: respected by several Underworld species as designating you as a good guy. Does not take up an item slot.
Light-intensifying Goggles
Service Blade (issued at Level 2) (d8 damage, 2 slots, 1 hand, 3 quality)
 +1 vs. Chaos creatures, can hit creatures that would otherwise require a +2 weapon.
ZR1 Sidearm (issued at Level 3) (d6 damage, 1 slots,
 1 hands, 3 quality, range: 60’) Shoots a ball of lightning. Recharging requires a round of vigorously winding. If fired more than twice per Turn, there is a 1-in-6 chance it explodes, doing 1d6 damage to the user.
Additional Items: At level 4, and Underworld Ranger may requisition additional advanced equipment from a Ranger Station.

Wooly Neanderthal
You are a tall, long-furred native of the frozen lands of Mastodonia.
Mighty Thews: When rolling STR and CON, you may choose from the two lowest dice, instead of just the lowest. However, if your INT is over 3/13, you must swap it out with your lowest ability.
Neolithic: You eschew clothing, armor, or tools that you have not crafted yourself from stone and hide. Should you decide to adopt more advanced armor or weapons, they will cost 50% more due to your large size.
Mammoth Diet: The only food that is wholesome to your people is mammoth meat. You have advantage in preparing rations from mammoths. 1 week’s worth of mammoth jerky takes 1 item slot.
Wooly Hide: You naturally have an Armor of 3/13.
Starting Equipment: Stone Axe (d8 damage, 2 slots, 1 hand, 2 quality)
, water bladder, 1d6 weeks worth of mammoth-jerky, knapping stone (for crafting stone tools).

Available at Drive-Thru RPG:
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