Monday, February 8, 2016

Boilerplate Illusionist Playbook

Now that I have the documents set up for these playbooks, it's pretty easy to put out more. Here's an Illusionist class, based on the conceit of the Delving Deeper Illusionist—namely, that an Illusionist is a charlatan who imitates magical effects.

I'm pretty happy with the "spell" selection. Each one strikes me as useful, distinct, and allowing for just the tiniest sliver of credence.

The problem is: Where do Illusionist characters get new spells? MU's and Elves are motivated to adventure in order to find new spells, and Clerics gotta smite to please their gods. But how do you tie Illusionist trick advancement to adventuring?

• An Illusionists Guild that will only sell new training for extortionate prices?
• Seed adventures with points of inspiration that help an Illusionist discover new tricks?

Eugh, neither of these quite does it for me.

Well, I don't have to solve this problem until someone gets to around 2000 XP.

Now that I've translated one of my favorite alternate classes, I'm tempted to make playbooks for the others. Neither the robot now the shoggoth quite fit into the vanilla-fantasy world these playbooks are intended for. +Arnold K.'s Bug Collector, however...