Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scaffolds & Dragons: Distances and Encounter Awareness

I don't use miniatures, and rarely even use maps, so I don't have much use for measuring distance in feet or inches or what-have-you. Here are the descriptive units of distance I do use instead:

1. Touch/Grapple
        Combat: only small weapons are effective (dagger, fists, very small pistol)
        Communication: whispers
2. Melee
        Combat: standard hand-to-hand distance
        Communication: low-talking
3. Near/Reach
        Combat: long weapons (spears, pole arms, whips)
        Communication: normal speech
4. Thrown
        Combat: ranged weapons are effective; objects can be thrown (rocks, daggers, axes)
        Communication: raised speech
5. Short-range
        Combat: small bow, pistols, sling
        Communication: shouting
6. Long-range
        Combat: long bows, crossbows
        Communication: loud yelling heard indistinctly.
7. Very Long-range
        Combat: siege weapons, sniper rifles
        Communication: horns and drums
8. Far-Away.
        Only advanced technology or magic can have an affect over this distance.

Encounter Awareness
This replaces rolling separately for surprise and encounter distance, and is totally derived from Goblin Punch.

2d6 for each side for each side to see when they potentially become aware of the other. The side with the higher roll has a chance to surprise-attack the other from the indicated distance.

Damned rabbit muggings.
Awareness in the Underworld and Cities
2d6 for each side
2        Touch/Grapple
3-5     Melee
6-8     Thrown
9-10   Short-range
11      Long-range
12      Very Long-range

Awareness in the Wilderness and Wide-Open Spaces
2d6 for each side
2         Touch/Grapple
3-4      Melee
5-6      Thrown
7-8      Short-range
9-10    Long-range
11-12  Very Long-range

If either side is being actively stealthy, the roll to detect them is at -2. You cannot be stealthy in plate armor or while carrying torches in the dark.

There's no need for a DEX check to be stealthy, in this instance. You're just trying to not draw attention to yourself. Save the DEX check for trying to sneak past someone actively on the look-out for you.