Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dice: How's It Going?

How’s the harvest?
Disastrously bad: Withered crops produced only cursed locusts and dysentery.
Bad: Poor yields mean hard times for the coming year.
Bad with some good: Too much rain flooded the fields, but the fishing industry is having a boom.
Good with some bad: The yield was good, but the Goblin Horde has been targeting towns for supplies. Better fortify the wall!
Good: A bountiful harvest means a prosperous year ahead.
Spectacularly good: Surplus crops combined with neighbors suffering droughts means the gold is rolling in.

How did the Ogre King sleep last night?
Disastrously bad: Was haunted by the angry ghosts of his ogre ancestors, demanding the blood of any trespassing adventurers.
Bad: Dyspepsia and bad dreams kept him awake, and he’s his very grumpy about it.
Bad with some good: It was a restless night, but he thinks he has time to take a nap in the afternoon.
Good with some bad: Well rested, but concerned about a possibly prophetic dream involving adventurers coming for his magic Wurlitzer.
Good: He’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Spectacularly good: What a glorious morning! Let’s make waffles and release some prisoners!

How’s the food at this Inn?
Disastrously bad: You are now host to a civilization of parasites. Save vs. Poison or the parasites joyride your body for 1d6 hours.
Bad: Just awful. No one recovers HP from eating this slop.
Bad with some good: The innkeeper apologizes for the terrible meal, and promises to roast a dozen suckling pigs tonight, if you’re sticking around that long.
Good with some bad: It was delicious, but you overate, and now you’re feeling slow and logy.
Good: A fine meal, well prepared.
Spectacularly good: This is a meal you will remember for years to come. If you are a bard, you’re already halfway through a song about it. Everyone recovers full HP, and any henchmen get +2 to loyalty for the next two days.