Friday, March 27, 2015

The Kid's Game: Chargen 1

I've been noodling with a ruleset for playing with my kid. He wants to play D&D, so it's basically Holmes on training wheels, customized towards my kid's particular proclivities.

Here's a table for determining your character concept:

A few notes:
1. The results of this chart do not convey any mechanical effects. Just because you rolled "Wizard" doesn't mean you are any good at wizardry.  Maybe you were raised by wizards, but your true talent lies in... uhm, dinosaur racing?

2. There is no info established for any of the Realms. They're just evocative names. Totally up to the kid what it's like to be from The Corridors of Time.

3. My intention is that, after rolling the above tables and generating stats, the kid draws a picture of their character. For my kid, at least, this seems to be a shamanic moment, calling forth a new soul and fixing it to the material world.