Monday, August 4, 2014

ASE Player Character Races

Mi-Go, Frog, Shoggoth, Robot. Drawings ©Joel Priddy 2014

Frogs (Innsmouths, Seb Sadu): Big, burly saber-toothed amphibians. +2 STR. Move in water as normal movement. Can learn human languages but cannot speak them, just as humans can learn but not speak Elder Tongue.

Humans (Tasty Morsels): +1 to any 2 attributes.

Mi-Go (Caulies, Yuggothi): Pale, knobbly fungus creatures with great plumes of sense organs sprouting from their eyeless heads. +2 MND. Multi-spectrum sense organs: +1 Perception, not reliant on light.

Robots: Robots begin as spindly motorized armatures with positronic brain-cases perched on top. Pincer-grip attack (1d4 dmg). As robots gain levels, they scavenge parts to upgrade themselves according to the Robot Enhancement Schedule.

Shoggoths (Gibbers, Protties, Droolers): Amorphous blobs of eyes and teeth. Hold and manipulate objects with their mouths. +2 DEX, extra biting attacks (1 + Level, 1d2 dmg each). Immune to undead effects, except mummy rot. Multi-spectrum vision.

I decided to ditch the Tolkein races from my Microlite version of the Anomalous Subsurface Environment in favor of more Lovecraft-by-way-of-Mignola influence. And tweed and neckties are prevalent fashion because dammit, I like what I like.