Thursday, March 6, 2014

Setting: The Planet Orcus, part three

Significant Sites and Communities on Orcus
The residence city of the Cacogen. It is headache-inducing jangle of crystalline growths, extending far above and below the surface of Orcus. The actual population of Cacogen is small, and one is more likely to encounter Ancilla going about their duties.

Embassy of the Abjected, Speakers to Filth
An adjunct or suburb or Recordance. This is a surprisingly beautiful structure of crystal panes and silver filigree, the size of a small Aereth city and containing a number of discrete habitats for citizens of the various worlds of the Solar System.  A small number of beings have gathered here with the goal of treating with the Cacogen.

The ambassadors themselves are among the most centered, enlightened beings the Solar System has to offer. All will have WIS and CON stats of 15+1d6. They train for years at mortifying their senses in hopes of inuring themselves to the presence of Cacogen.

At their prime, an ambassador will have as many as three conversations with the Cacogen before retiring.

It is enormously expensive to fund such a conversation, and it is said that the Embassy contains unheard of quantities of treasure.

A site of unknown purpose on the opposite side of the planet from Recordance. Here the Ancilla gather and endlessly rearrange the surface of the planet in a vast sludge-work labyrinth. Sometimes materials are placed in sections of the labyrinth: globes of helium, thin sheets of beaten copper, ingots of sulfur, spindles wound with chains of eyelashes, an emerald the size of a cantaloupe. They will randomly removed or exchanged.

The Ancilla
These onyx golems are the servants of the Cacogen.They come in a variety of sizes.